Praying for Peace But Receiving War and Terrorism Instead

Churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and other such buildings are full of people praying for peace and begging their gods for answers. Instead of granting their requests, however, the real God sends them war, destruction, terrorism, disease, climate change, and global warming. Houses are washed away in floods, lives are destroyed, children are starving to death, the population increases at the rate of 4 babies a 3d real siberian false eyelash, and many are confused and wondering why?Smnsk

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The earth is crumbling under foot as hillsides collapse over villages, islands are inundated with oceans, species are becoming extinct as their 3d real siberian false eyelash are destroyed, and nature is replaced by money-making enterprises. Earthquakes are on the increase and tsunamis are bigger and more destructive than ever.

The most recent inland tsunamis are just as deadly as those from the sea and floods on an unprecedented scale are becoming the norm. Land that once provided food is now desert, forests are giving way to logging, and the atmosphere is saturated with carbon. Oceans are under threat as fish stocks and other things decrease within them. Even the Great Barrier Reef is suffering.

Scenes such as those from the latest airport 3d real siberian false eyelash and mass murder were shown to me in visions during the 1980’s as part of my enlightenment about the last days, that are now upon us. There is far worse to come because humans don’t realise that what they are doing is the will of God. It is working to a plan and because the future is known it gave me the insight into what is coming.

These things happened after my reincarnation alerted me to how much man has gotten wrong. There is no heaven or hell and the false gods invented to get everyone under the same banner are an abomination to the Spirit of the Universe, the one and only real God (Isaiah 45:4-8).

People can pray all they want to the idols and use the words given to them by their ‘faith’ but every word they utter condemns them further in god’s eyes. Those with the strongest ‘convictions’ are now suffering the most. They are controlled and herded into pockets of resistance against change while worshiping the 3d real siberian false eyelash of the world.

The Spirit is 3d real siberian false eyelash out and states in prophecies that at this time certain things will happen to show that the end is near. One of those is the arrival of the huge mountain that sits above all other mountains to spread the truth (Micah 4:1). It is the Internet and people are turning to it to discover the answers and to read articles like this that might trigger a reaction.

3d real siberian false eyelash
3d real siberian false eyelash

Until they wake up and acknowledge the Spirit as their God they will pray for peace and receive nothing but wars, terrorism, and 3d real siberian false eyelash.


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