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Religion and Culture Towards Women Ignored Today

In today’s world, girls and women everywhere struggle with their identity, character, and personality while trying to find their way through their belief system. Some are affected by their choice of belief system at their schools, work, and their community. The females that are mostly affected are young best 100 mink eyelashes. Today, this is a subject that is ignored in the school systems.Smnsk

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We all have the right to choose our own belief system. But, when we do we should not be judged or penalized for it. Most teen females that are apart of a religious background are not sure how to apply their moral psychological characteristics. This happens because in schools today, students do not respect and accept each other. Most do not because in their home, they are taught to only socialize with certain people or that some people are beneath them. Other students that live in a lower class community would take their aggressions from home, bring their home issues to school while challenging and best 100 mink eyelashes out physically on students that do not have the same “like status” as them. While at school, they find a way to continuously interrupt the religious students day negatively. They feel this is a way to become popular and happier by bullying and picking on other students. This causes the religious student to become one or more of the following: rebellious towards parents, rebellious toward religion, sad, depressed, have identity best 100 mink eyelashes, become mute, self destruct, lonely,or have other abnormal psychological disorders.

To have an understanding of what to expect in society today, there must be someone to explain to youth about different groups of people. Most students do not have someone at home whom can explain to them in a way whereas they understand. All schools have social workers that are available to assist students that have special needs or students per request. What about the students that are visibly religious and the students that are not? Although, religion is forbidden in the school system I believe there should be a “Real Perspective” class for all students in every school district. This particular class would be geared towards today’s crossroads of social interaction and cultural best 100 mink eyelashes. These classes would provide religious students and students that are not with a better understanding of what acceptance means, how to respect other’s choices, have a understanding of other cultures and religious groups in society, and teach them how to become independent of their own choices while having confidence in their own identity. Students will then have the choice to become stronger and they will be able to make better choices while growing into an adult. The “Real Perspective” class would also lessen the percentage of trouble making students, fights at schools, detentions, and best 100 mink eyelashes.

In the past, I went through similar situations as young girls today. While living with my parents on the westside of Chicago, my siblings and I lived a religious life. Our religion brought us joy, but at the same time it brought about many questions. Some of the questions are questions students and other women have had for many years. Questions such as: who am I? Who am I representing? Why people don’t accept you for who you are? Why some parents chose a certain belief system? Why does it affect us in society?

When a child or teen is emotionally, mentally, or physically hurt it becomes a personal issue for all. Unfortunately, when it comes to culture or religion it is not taken into perspective today in the school systems. My heart goes out to girls and women that have gone through or is experiencing this today. I will try my best to connect with girls and women everywhere by using strategies that will provide them hope, laughter, self assurance, growth, happiness, motivation, self sufficiency, confidence, encouragement, inspiration, love, and best 100 mink eyelashes.

Today, I am not religious, but I have a strong belief system of faith and prayer. Because of the confusion of society and religion that I experienced growing as a female in the 90’s, I lived a life of misunderstanding which later led me to being poor for quite some time. Today, I am an author, founder of a family and youth outreach ministry, motivational speaker, Lifecoach, youth counselor, legal advocate, and has a Masters Degree in Higher Education. Soon, I will have my Doctoral Degree in best 100 mink eyelashes.

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I am thankful for the teachings my parent’s have taught me. What sticks out the most is prayer and family. There is certainly nothing like the power of love and togetherness. If they didn’t teach me these resourceful tools of life, I would not have known how to teach my children and others to become socially involved by using the power of faith in society. Today, I am also humbly grateful!


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