Simple Beauty Tips For Teens

Being a teenager is hard enough without adding to it makeup that is over-done and just way too much. Teen years are not the easiest of times, its hard to be ‘just you’ and still be accepted and still be part of the group. Not everyone can be that latest best selller 3d mink lashes in the magazine you see all over the place and in the movies. She has help from makeup artists, where you must figure it out on your own.Smnsk

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flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes

Here are a few simple makeup tips for teens to help you find what works and what doesn’t work for you. Remember there are parts of your face you will want to play up, such as your eyes and other parts of your face you will want to play down. Pick your best feature and work it!

What not to do:

1~Wearing too much foundation. This is one of the most common mistakes made by all age of women. Foundation is not to totally cover up everything to the point you look like you are wearing a mask. Next is wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Wearing too much foundation can also leave to breakouts due to the factor that its blocking your best selller 3d mink lashes.

2~ Wearing too much eye shadow. There is a time and place for wearing lots of eye shadows, going to school is not one of them. When you are playing up your eyes, wearing too much eye shadow can make you look older and not in a good way. Go wild with your eye shadows, glitters etc when its party time!

3~Wearing too much blush. We have all seen it, someone looks like they painted a stripe across their best selller 3d mink lashes. Blush is meant to help bring out your eyes and give your face a help glow, not look like a clown.

4~ Wearing thick eyeliner. What is eyeliner for? Eyeliner is worn at the base of your best selller 3d mink lashes to enhance your best selller 3d mink lashes to make them look thicker. Its not worn like you just step out of the 50’s. Often the biggest mistake made when wearing eyeliner is its worn like a thick line on your eyelid and that is all you see. Eyeliner doesn’t belong in your water line on your lower lashes either.

What to do:

1~ Foundation. There are different types of foundation, tinted moisturizer, liquid, stick, creams, minerals. The best way to find out what works for you is to visit your local department store and try different types on. Don’t just buy a color because it looks good in the packaging. If possible try to get samples of different colors of foundation and try them on your chin line not the back of your hand. Your hand and your face are not the same color just because it looks good on your hand doesn’t mean it looks good on your face. With foundation a light hand is best. One of the newer types of foundation is mineral based. Mineral based foundation is a powder and usually best applied with a kabuki brush. This way you can layer it on and find the best color for you. Also with mineral based foundation you can mix colors to find the best for you. Many small companies who sell online, will offer best selller 3d mink lashes at inexpensive prices and many will be more than happy to help you find the right shade for you.

2~ Choosing the right shade of blush. Shades of pink are best for those with pale skin. If you have medium skin tone look for shades darker pinks or light bronze. If your skin has a yellow tone, berries and plums shades will help counteract shallowness. Ethic skin tone check out shades of pinks that are more towards brown tone. Remember blush is to help give your face a healthy glow.

3~ Choosing the right eye shadow for you. There are so many colors available these days its hard to choose what is right for you. Work with your color of your eyes and skin tone when trying new colors of eye shadows. Neutrals and shades of browns are best for daytime wear. Wear a eye shadow primer to keep your eye shadow in place. The last think you want to be doing is reapplying your best selller 3d mink lashes when you could be texting that cute guy you saw at lunchtime. The best way to decide what works best, is to practice applying eye shadows at home in front of the mirror. Making mistakes at home where no one sees you is better than wearing your mistake all day. Check out all the latest magazines to find a girl that has your color eyes and skin tone and try her style of makeup.

 flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes

flexible 3d mink blink eye lashes

These are just a few beauty tips for teens. Once you have worked out what is best for you, make it your style to have others copy you not you copy them.


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