Guide to Eye Make-up for Spectacle Wearers

Too many people think that when they are wearing their specs it is not worth bothering with much eye make up. But with a little thought and a few tweaks in your technique, your eyes can be just as beautiful and the effects of well applied eye eyebrow extensions just as stunning as a non spec wearers.Smnsk

eyebrow extensions
eyebrow extensions

The first rule is always have an anti-reflective coating on your lenses. This will mean your eyes will be clearly seen without distracting reflections. Anti- reflective coatings have improved considerably in the last few years. A really good one should not add a great deal to the cost of your specs and will make a tremendous difference to your appearance.

Lenses that Magnify Your Eyes.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Do your glasses make your eyes look bigger or smaller? If they make your eyes look bigger then you will need to pay great attention to the smallest details as any flaws in your makeup will also be magnified.

Apply foundation as usual. Use concealer under your eyes being careful to match your skin tone as closely as possible and blend very well.

Choose 3 eyeshadows in colours that go really well together, a pale, medium and darker tone . If you are not sure then a compact containing several matched shades is a good idea.

Apply the palest shade to your entire eyelid from eyebrow extensions to brow. Apply the medium shade to your eyelid, blending well. Then apply a little of the darker shade to your eye socket. For glasses that magnify your eyes you can create the effect of really deep set large eyes with this dark shade. Start off with just a little and gradually add a touch more until the effect is just right. Then really blend in well. Remember that any areas not quite right will be magnified so really take care here.

Then apply mascara. Again your glasses will give the impression of really long thick eyebrow extensions so apply several coats and make the most of this effect. But use a good clump free waterproof mascara as again any globs or smudges will be magnified.

I would not use an eyeliner as magnification can make this look to obvious, but a smudged dark pencil can be used on the eye line if you are careful.

Lenses that make your Eyes Look Smaller.

If your glasses make your eyes look smaller then there are several techniques we can use to make them more visually striking.

Again choose 3 matching tones, pale, medium and dark. Apply the palest shade to your entire eye area, eyebrow extensions to brow. Then apply the medium shade to your eye lid area. Apply a very small amount to your socket line and blend in very well. We don’t want the eye to recede into the socket as this will make it look smaller. Use just enough to define the socket area.

Then hold a brush against your face so it draws a line from the outer corner of your eye to the outer end of your eyebrow. Take a small amount of the darkest shade of eye shadow. Beginning just past the centre of your eye socket towards the outer corner add a triangle of colour ending on the line your brush has drawn between your eye and your brow. Blend this in very well. This will open out your eyes and make them appear bigger and wider.

Then take a white eye liner pencil, Max factor do a great one called Wicked White. Place a small dot in each corner of your inner eye. This simple technique will really open out your eyes and give them width. If you are brave you can also use this pencil to apply a white line to your inner lower eyebrow extensions. This is worth practicing as again it is a great eye opener.

If you do not use eyeliner usually try an eyeliner pencil as this gives a good result and is much easier to apply than a liquid and gives a more subtle result.

Really go to town with mascara. Try a two step if you have not used one before. L’Oreal Volume Shocking is a white undercoat with a black or brown topcoat. This will give you long, thick lashes for real impact.


Be careful with eyebrow pencil. If you put in a defined line then this can fight with the upper rim of your specs giving an odd tram line effect. Keep brows tidy and subtle.

Pay particular attention to keeping your eyes clear and healthy. Avoid smoky atmospheres, eat loads of fruit and veg, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water. Keep all your make up brushes and sponges very clean to avoid infection. Eye drops are available to whiten and brighten the eyes and can be useful in an emergency.

Rimless glasses can give the impression of not wearing any specs at all but this can have the effect of making the fittings over the bridge of your nose stand out visually. To minimise this effect keep your eyeshadow pale in the corners of your eyebrow extensions and darken gently as your go out to the edge, This will draw attention away from the centre. Use a liquid eyeliner and define your eyebrows a little as this will also deflect attention away from the nose bridge.

eyebrow extensions
eyebrow extensions

Different colours and interesting designs are the up and coming trend in spec fashion. Choose your makeup and clothes to compliment your specs and make your complete look a fashion statemen


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