Perfect Eye Make Up Every Time With the Dinair Airbrush

Most people will notice your eyes before they notice anything else about you. Make a fabulous first impression with perfect eye make-up from Dinair Airbrush. This airbrush system is the same make-up tool many professionals stylists use on celebrities to give them those “wow” eyes, and you can enjoy the benefits it provides, too. The possibilities this tool gives you to create the perfect eye make-up for any event or mink extensions are endless.Smnsk

mink extensions

Eye shadow is where most women focus their attention on when applying make-up, and this airbrush system won’t let you down on creating perfect eyes. The system comes with a wide range of color options, and also gives you the option to mix the colors to create new shades. You can create a soft look, a dramatic look, a smokey look with ease with this airbrush. The airbrush also comes with trendy eye stencils that add pizazz for that special night on the town. With stencils, you can add geometric shapes, leopard print, or any other design that suits your occasion.

You don’t want to spend so much effort focusing on eye shadow that you overlook the eye brows. The Dinair Airbrush features several different cosmetic stencils that let you choose not only the shape and color of your brows, but else the edge definition to create a realistic, polished look.

Your eye mink extensions  can add a dramatic finishing touch to your eyes, whether you want seductive, sultry, or trendy eyes, or some other look altogether. The airbrush can aid color to the tips of your mink extensions that often have faded over time. The air and color together work to add color while also thickening and separating the mink extensions for an amazing effect.

mink extensions

For any color, any look, and any occasion, the Dinair Airbrush gives you the perfect eyes every time.


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