Party Glamour – 7 Holiday Makeup Tips for Busy Women

With the party season almost on top of us we all need to refresh our ‘Party Glamour Repertoires’. Almost all of us are pressed for time and don’t have hours or even an hour to do our mink lashes. So I have compiled some tips for getting ready for that party or BBQ no matter how rushed you are.Smnsk

mink lashes
mink lashes

1) Start Fresh: Before you do anything else, make sure your skin is well cleansed and moisturised. Don’t even think about just adding some more makeup on top of what you have on. Trust me, this will only take a few minutes but the results will justify spending the time. Take your makeup off; the makeup remover wipes are fantastic to remove makeup in a hurry.

Rinse your face with water, and then add moisturiser. You may find that the moisturiser you used in winter may be too heavy for summer, especially if you are outdoors, so opt for an oil free moisturiser. In summer a lot of women find tinted moisturisers an excellent choice.

2) The Right Foundation: You must remember that your foundation is not a mask. Your foundation is designed to even out your skin tone and hide any blemishes, but most of all it must look natural. Use a foundation type that you find the easiest to apply in a hurry.
If you find liquid foundations too fussy, opt for a powder foundation. Generally anything that can be applied with a makeup sponge or a brush is quick and easy to apply.

3) Healthy Holiday Glow: Brush Bronzing Powder over the top of your foundation or tinted moisturiser for an instant healthy holiday glow. For this, use a large round brush, dip it into your Bronzing Powder and then knock the base of the brush against a hard surface. This will disperse the powder from the tip of the brush allowing you to get a very natural looking glow all over the face. Remember to take the Bronzing Powder past your jaw line, down your neck and even down your décolleté if you are wearing a revealing top.

4) Eye Bright: This summer there are some beautiful light, bright, and shimmery eye shadows on the market. Make your eyes the centre of attention with a little sparkle. Choose one colour that is most flattering for you. These are generally opposite colours to your eye colour. Eg: Brown eyes – Blue eye shadow, Blue eyes – Brown eye shadow, Green eyes – Gold eye shadow, etc. With shimmery eye shadows it is always best to stick to the one colour unless you are very experienced in application and blending. This will also cut down on the application time. Apply the shadow starting above your mink lashes and take it up just past the crease in your eyelid. Blend lightly so you don’t have a visible line.

5) Line Right: An eyeliner is a must for well-finished eye makeup. Draw a line as close to your mink lashes as you can and follow it up with a very dark eye shadow applied with a narrow brush. This will not only even out the liner and give you a smoky look but it also seals the pencil line so it won’t budge through the night. If you are very game and you still have a bit of time you can apply liquid liner over the top. This makes for a very intense, dramatic look and it ensures that nothing will budge your eyeliner.

6) Frame Well: Don’t forget your mascara. This is worth spending a minute on, as your mink lashes will frame your eyes to perfection. If the day or night is going to be hot, it is best to use a waterproof mascara, just to be on the safe side. Use a mascara that is not more than 3 months old (for hygiene reasons). Wipe the end of the mascara wand to remove any excess product and start applying it to the centre of the top mink lashes by gently wriggling it between the hairs and moving up to the ends. Repeat this a couple of times then move to the corners of the eyes, first the inner corner then the outer corner. Do not apply mascara to the lower mink lashes . The transfer from your top mink lashes when you blink is enough.

7) Killer Pout: Lip Glosses are the perfect way to finish off your party look. Not only are they quick and easy to apply, they are very glamorous too. Lip Glosses also make your lips appear fuller. You can either get a coloured gloss or use a clear gloss over your lipstick.

If you are using a coloured gloss apply foundation to your lips first. This will hold your lip-gloss to your lips well. Then apply your lip-gloss the following way: instead of putting gloss on like you do lipstick (from left to right, top then bottom); first apply gloss to the middle of your bottom lip only. Rub lips together.

This will keep gloss from going on too thickly. Then if more is needed apply to bottom lip only again, until the desired look is achieved. If you are using a clear gloss over your lipstick, give your lipstick a minute on your lips to settle then follow the mink lashes rules as above.

mink lashes
mink lashes

As they say practice makes perfect, but even with limited experience you can follow these steps to achieve a beautiful, fresh looking makeup that you can accomplish in 15 minutes.


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